Papaya Thai Restaurant
Favorite Dishes

Here at PaPaYa Thai, our customers have many favorite dishes.Among the most popular are our curries and some of our special entrees.No matter what kind of Thai food you prefer, you're guaranteed to find something that you'll love on our menu.

Our Chicken Mango Curry was named "Best Thai Curry" by Phoenix Magazine in the Valley's 50 Best Dishes section in January 2009, and has quickly become a customer favorite.This dish is the perfect cobmination of sweet and spicy, complimented by coconut milk and sweet basil - come in and try this culinary masterpiece today.

Begin your meal with our customers' favorite starters, including Spring Rolls filled with sticky noodles and crisp lettuce, accompanies by plum sauce; also try our Chicken Satay, served with rich peanut sauce and a cool cucumber salad.Some other dishes on our menu that continue to be crowd-pleasers are the crispy PaPaYa Special Fish, the flavorful Drunken Noodles, and the ever-classic Pad Thai.

We want to provide you with an enjoyable experience at our restaurant, so we very much encourage customizing your meal, so you receive exactly what you want.We encourage our customers to choose the level of spice that they prefer, so your meal will never be too spicy or lack heat if that is what you prefer.We also provide customization in your choice of meat-- choose from our options of chicken, pork, or beef.

For more information on the dishes we offer that have become customer favorites, check out one of our menus.Come in today and let us make every dish on our menu your favorite.